Living with hearing implants

With hearing implants, you will hear better. The hearing implants will also help you in other aspects of life.
Living with hearing implants

Hearing implants make it possible for you to better hear voices, listen to music and to react to sounds such as a telephone, a doorbell or a car horn. You will also be more aware of the many sounds that are around you.

But most importantly, your hearing implants will help you communicate better with your family, friends and colleagues and make it easier for you to participate in social activities and social gatherings.

In general, hearing implant users will experience:

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Can you pass our hearing test?
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Listen to hearing loss
Listen to hearing loss

  • Better understanding of speech
  • Better ability to participate in conversations
  • Better ability to use a phone
  • Better ability to watch TV

Mental health and cognition

Many people with hearing implants report improvements in mental health. Untreated hearing loss can result in cognitive decline, depression and even dementia. As with hearing aids, hearing implants may help reduce or stop cognitive decline.

A few precautions

Having a hearing implant also means taking care of the implant. During sports and play, it is important to protect the cochlear implant, including the sound processor/audio processor that sits on the head e.g. by wearing a helmet. For other implants you have to take off the sound processor.

When bathing, swimming or doing other water sports, it is important to use a waterproof cover or not to wear the audio processor, as it is not waterproof without a cover.

For some bone conduction devices (non-active bone conduction devices), you might need to gently wash the site of the implant every day. For active bone conduction implants, this is not necessary as the skin is completely closed after the surgery.

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