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May 03, 2007

Long waiting lists for hearing aids

The waiting time for hearing aids in Denmark can be as long as 100 weeks.

The average waiting time for publicly provided hearing aids in Denmark is 44 weeks, according to a study carried out by the Center for Alternative Analysis of Society for the Danish Hearing Association.

Of those seeking treatment with hearing aids 45 percent receive their hearing aids within 10 weeks, while others may wait as long as 100 weeks.

Long waiting lists for hearing aid fittings have been the norm for many years, and Danish patients with hearing loss have been given the option to be fitted in private clinics rather than wait in the publicly funded system. But offering the private alternative has had little effect on the waiting times for publicly funded hearing aids.

”The offer of seeking private treatment is fine. It just has not had much of an impact on the waiting lists,” stated Søren Dalmark of the Hearing Association to the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

According to the Hearing Association, the waiting lists reflect a growing need among elderly people for new and replacement hearing aids. Increasing numbers of people with work related noise-induced and other hearing loss is also fueling the increased demand.

Source: Jyllands-Posten, January 26, 2007

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