08 August 2003

Louisiana hearing aid coverage an overwhelming success

The state program offering full coverage for hearing aids to the elderly in Louisiana has become extremely successful.

The entire budget was exhausted in just a few months. In the first five months of 2003, 700 elderly received hearing aid assistance from the program administered by the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf.

The program is targeted towards hearing impaired people aged 50 or older with a maximum income of $29,850 for couples or $22,150 for singles. The program enables elderly who could not otherwise afford it to get hearing aids. The state of Louisiana allocated $ 750,000 to the first six months of the project.

Very little promotion was needed.

"It's such a popular thing because we are the only agency that these elderly, needy people can go to for help with hearing aids. Medicare does not provide hearing aids for the elderly", said Jan Faulkner, commission executive director.

Jan Faulkner expects a high number of hearing aid requests when further financing becomes available from the first of July.

Source: Shreveport Times, the fifth of May, 2003.

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