03 April 2008

Major funding for noise research

New noise problems tend to appear just as others are being dealt with. More knowledge is needed, and it is of great importance to focus on noise in the workplace in order to limit hearing injuries and illnesses.

Over three years, about SEK30 million will be allocated to conduct research into noise in the workplace in Sweden. The funding will be provided by the Swedish AFA Försäkring insurance company.

The purpose of this investment in research is to reduce work related injuries and long-term illness caused by noise, as well as to contribute to the noise and hearing science.

Noise problems in the industry and how to cope with it is already the subject of interest. But new noise hazards are emerging in other workplaces. Among the areas in need of more knowledge is the music business and the hotel and restaurant industry, which are all experiencing growing noise problems.

Noise is not only damaging to people’s hearing but also puts a mental strain on those who work in noisy environments.

Source: Auris, no 5, 2007

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