04 February 2020

Many Britons believe their partner has ‘selective hearing’

More than half of the participants in a British survey are concerned about their partner's hearing.

Three quarters of Britons believe their partner has 'selective hearing' - and men are 'worse' than women, according to a British survey.

More than half of adults admitted they are concerned their partner's 'selective hearing' could be a result of hearing problems.

Struggle to hear

Of those surveyed, four in 10 said their partners find social get-togethers frustrating because they get too noisy and struggle to hear what is being said, with 40% expressing concern that they have difficulty understanding words in noisy environments. As a direct result, a third think their partner withdraws from conversation.  41% say the partner will also try to avoid socialising.

Lip reading and mumbling

A third of the participants said their partner had appeared to be trying to read their lips because they cannot make out what is being said. Lip reading can be a sign of hearing problems.

47% admitted their other half has a tendency to mumble. Saying that other people mumble can also be an indicator of hearing problems.

A third of the participants revealed their beloved frequently has to resort to asking others to speak more slowly, clearly and loudly.

Hearing tests

More than 47% said their partner has never had a hearing test.

The survey, which consisted of 2,000 people, was carried out by OnePoll for a private hearing care provider in the UK.

Sources: www.express.co.uk and Sound Insight report 2019.

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