23 March 2021

Many Britons self-report hearing loss

16% of Britons self-report hearing loss, a survey shows. It also shows that the average adult in Britain hasn’t had their hearing tested in 10 years.

1 in 6 adults in the UK say they have a hearing loss and on average they believe they should have their hearing tested every 2-3 years, yet most Britons only have their hearing tested once every ten years, a survey finds.

High prevalence of hearing loss

In a survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by the British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (BIHIMA), 16% of respondents self-reported having hearing loss. Men were nearly twice as likely to report hearing loss than women: 1 in 5 men reported having hearing loss compared to 1 in 10 women.

The UK figures are significantly higher than the 1 in 9 Europeans with self-reported hearing loss, according to the latest EuroTrak reports.

In the survey, 11% of 16-24-year-olds surveyed said they had a hearing loss. In the survey, the figure doubles to 22% in the over 55 age group. The reason is that hearing often deteriorate with age, also know as an age-related hearing loss.

Too few hearing tests

The survey also found that Britons only test their hearing once every 10 years. For seniors, it is recommended to have a hearing test regularly e.g. every 3 years, just like when you get your vision checked.

Source: www.BIHIMA.com

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