06 November 2018

Many classical orchestra musicians experience tinnitus

More than one third of all classical orchestra musicians have experienced tinnitus while 20% have severe tinnitus, a Danish study shows.

35% of all classical musicians in a Danish study (31% female and 38% of male musicians) reported having experienced at least one episode of tinnitus lasting for more than 5 minutes during their life.

19% of the musicians in the study reported severe tinnitus with a severe impact on their daily life (18% of female and 21% of male musicians). The severity of tinnitus among the participants was associated with increased lifetime sound exposure but not to poorer high frequency hearing thresholds when lifetime sound exposure was considered.

The odds ratio for an increase in one unit of tinnitus severity was 1.25 for every 1 dB increase in lifetime sound exposure.

About the study

The study included 443 musicians from five Danish symphony orchestras. Answers regarding their perception of tinnitus were received from 325 musicians and 212 musicians were also tested with audiometry.

The study “Tinnitus Severity Is Related to the Sound Exposure of Symphony Orchestra Musicians Independently of Hearing Impairment” was published in Ear & Hearing in 2018.

Source: Ear & Hearing

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