15 July 2015

Many manual labour jobs can cause hearing loss

Because of noisy working conditions, workers in several manual labour jobs are at high risk of hearing loss.
Many manual labour jobs can cause hearing loss

Some job types are more dangerous to hearing than others. The website medicaldaily.com made a list of eight job types which expose workers to high levels of noise. The job types which are most likely to cause hearing damage are primarily manual labour jobs. 

Jobs that cause hearing loss 

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association, any high levels of noise can damage hearing. Furthermore, a single loud sound can lead to permanent hearing loss. Based on this, medicaldaily.com lists the following job types where the workers are at the greatest risk of suffering from hearing loss:

1.    Carpenter, nail gun: 110-140 dB.
2.    Ambulance driver, ambulance: 110-140 dB.
3.    Lumberjack, chainsaw: 110-140 dB.
4.    Musician, concert speaker: 110-140 dB.
5.    Air traffic controller, jet engine: 110-140 dB.
6.    Refuse collector, refuse truck: 85-100 dB.
7.    Construction worker, jackhammer: 85-100 dB.
8.    Landscaper, power mower: 85-100 dB.

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Can you pass our hearing test?
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Listen to hearing loss
Listen to hearing loss

Use hearing protection

Although the listed job types pose a great risk to hearing, hearing loss from these jobs is avoidable. The key to this is to use hearing protection.

Source: www.medicaldaily.com  

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