Today, most hearing aids are sophisticated and well-designed instruments with good wearing comfort. Many people still have the impression that hearing aids do not function well, are expensive, unsightly and uncomfortable to wear.

Below are some common misconceptions:

  • Hearing aids do not work and do not help. Not true. Modern hearing aids are sophisticated electronic instruments. The help you get from a modern hearing aid always depends on your hearing loss, but hearing aids are adapted individually by audiologists, and almost everyone who gets hearing aids and gets used to using them finds them very useful. Hearing aids will not restore your hearing to normal, but they almost always result in better hearing and in an improved quality of life.
  • Hearing aids are big and unsightly. Not true. Today, most hearing aids are small, discrete and well-designed.
  • Hearing aids are uncomfortable to wear. Not true. It is true that it is more comfortable not to have anything in your ears, and your hearing will be different with hearing aids. So you have to get used to them - i.e. both the sound and the fact that you have something in your ears. When you have become used to wearing them, your overall comfort is improved.

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