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November 21, 2013

Mobile phones can cause hearing loss in children

Extensive use of hand held devices may be harmful to health.

Mobile phones can cause hearing loss in children

Mobile telephones are widespread as a means of communications. A large proportion of the population has a hand held device and uses it regularly, including children.

A team of Danish and American researchers have conducted an analysis and discovered that there is a possible connection between hearing loss and the use of mobile phones by children.

Even if there is only a possible connection as yet, it could be of enormous significance, given the large number of children who possess and regularly use mobile phones.

No warnings yet

Using mobile phones as a daily means of communication is common among all age groups. However, the hand held devices may have a negative influence on the health of children, according to findings based on a mother and child survey.

Still, even though a connection is suspected by researchers due to current results, the team of researchers does not yet find it necessary to issue direct warnings.

Nevertheless, the researchers do call for further research into the consequences of mobile phone use and its connection to hearing loss.

About the study

More than 50,000 participants were part of an extensive mother and child survey in a research project performed by Danish and American researchers. The data was gathered during a period of years between 1996 and 2002, followed by a number of detailed interviews. The findings of the study were published in 2013.


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