Modern life is noisy

Living a modern life is sometimes noisy and it can harm our hearing in many ways. Music, sports, leisure activities and our work can all harm our hearing. But today, even the garden can be a noisy place.
Modern life is noisy

A modern life can be a noisy experience. Most of us are exposed to noise throughout the day. Noise can be damaging for our hearing and cause both hearing loss – a so-called noise-induced hearing loss – and tinnitus.


Many of us enjoy music. However, the music can be too loud and we may expose ourselves to loud music for too long.

Our stereo at home can of course be turned up too high for too long. However, it is especially listening to loud music through headphones via smart phones for longer periods which damages our hearing. This is especially the case when using the small headphones which sit in the ear.

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Listen to hearing loss

The sound pressure is often too high at (rock) concerts, at clubs and at discos.

Many musicians expose themselves to loud music for longer periods. This includes classical musicians, those who play rock and other newer forms of music.

Sports and leisure

Many sports and freetime activities can be noisy. If you like motorsports, you are exposing yourself to very loud noises. This is equally true whether you are taking part or as a spectator.

The same is true in fitness centres, where the music is often very high for example in spinning classes or Zumba.

Shooting, either on a range or while hunting, can also damage your hearing and give hearing loss or tinnitus.


The garden can also be a noisy place. We often use noisy tools and machinery.  Lawn movers are noisy and so are e.g. chain saws, hedge trimmers and wood chippers.


Even though work-noise has been reduced in many workplaces and more and more use hearing protection when having a noisy job, our jobs can still harm our hearing. Working with noisy tools and machinery can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Noisy work environments can however also be found in e.g. schools and kindergartens and even at the hairdressers.


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