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March 19, 2018

More than six out of ten young Australians experience tinnitus

Tinnitus is widespread among younger persons, a study finds. But most of the young people only experience tinnitus temporarily.

More than six out of ten young Australians experience tinnitus

A study among 11- 35 year old Australians shows that 63% experience tinnitus.

Of those who experienced tinnitus, 55.3% said “yes, sometimes”, 5.1% said “yes, often”, and 2.7% said “yes, always present”.  37% did not experience tinnitus.

The study examined the relationship between the life-time exposure to noise and the experience of tinnitus.

Relation between noise exposure and tinnitus

The participants completed a comprehensive questionnaire with an emphasis on leisure noise participation likely to involve significant noise. This included dance clubs, concerts and other loud music events, personal stereo use and playing an instrument in a band or orchestra.

The study showed an increase in the reported frequency of tinnitus with an increasing cumulative exposure to noise.

The participants who experienced tinnitus were also asked how long their tinnitus lasted. 28% said “less than a minute”, 34% said “a few minutes”, 16% said “up to an hour”, 16% said “hours – days” and 6% said “always present”.

Of those who reported tinnitus all the time, 61% were males while 39% females.

About the study

The study was made on a basis of a sample of 1,435 people of the Australian population aged from 11 to 35 years old that was recruited from various organizations including: high schools, universities, colleges and workplaces within New South Wales.

The attempt of the study was to make an estimation of lifelong cumulative noise exposure from leisure activities amongst young Australians and relate this to the experienced tinnitus.

The study “Tinnitus and leisure noise” was published in the International Journal of Audiology.

Source: International Journal of Audiology, 56, 2017

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