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February 26, 2014

More than 1% of all Norwegians are members of the country's association for people with hearing loss.

Millions would be members of other countries' associations for people with hearing loss, if just 1% of the population were members of the association.

More than 56,000 Norwegians are members of the Norwegian association for people with hearing loss, HLF. Around 5 million people live in Norway. That means that more than 1% of all Norwegians are members of the association, according to the association's magazine.

If 1% of other countries'  populations were members of their country's association of people with hearing loss, that would mean that more than 3 million people would be a part of the association in the USA. In Brazil, that number would be around 2 million. In Germany, 800,000 and in England and France, the figure would be around 600,000. In Spain, the association would have around 400,000 members. These figures are small in relation to China, where there would be around 12 million members of the country's association for people with hearing loss.

In other countries, there are unfortunately not nearly as many people who are members of the association for people with hearing loss. For example, the English organisation, “Action on Hearing Loss”, has around 20,000 members, according to its website.

Fastest growing union

The Norwegian association for people with hearing loss is Norway's fastest growing association for people with one or more reduced functions.

- It is very good news, that so many people put their trust in us by becoming members, says Secretary General Anders Hegre of HLF.

He believes that a decisive factor in this is the 2,000 volunteers the association has, who do a fantastic job.

It is however still a long way until the majority of Norwegians with hearing loss are a member of the association. Over 700,000 Norwegians today live with hearing loss and that number is expected to rise to 1 million by 2020.

- We can see that hearing loss is becoming the new major health issue, says Anders Hegre.

HLF has been a national organization in Norway since 1947. In 1996, the association had 17,000 members.

Source: Din Hørsel nr. 7/2013, members magazine for the Norwegian hearing association,


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