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January 09, 2013

More than 700 million contract otitis media every year

A study estimates that hundreds of million people are affected by otitis media each year. It also shows that children under five years of age and people from developing countries are at the highest risk of experiencing otitis media, subsequent illnesses as a result of it and hearing impairment caused by inflammation of the middle ear.

More than 700 million contract otitis media every year

Otitis media is one of the most common reasons for health care visits and drugs prescriptions. A study has estimated how many people worldwide are affected by the ear condition.

By examining data from 15 of the 21 WHO regions, researchers from the Institute for Maternal and Child Health in Trieste, Italy, found that 709 million people are diagnosed with acute otitis media every year. Of those, 51% are five years old or younger.

Chronic suppurative otitis media is seen in 31 million people every year. Here, 22% of them are aged five or younger

Furthermore, the populations of developing countries have a greater risk of experiencing both acute- and chronic otitis media. For instance, more than 50% of the 709 million annual cases of acute otitis media are reported in developing countries.

Causing hearing impairment

The study also showed results of how often otitis media can lead to hearing loss. Here, the research revealed that approximately 31 people in every 10,000 worldwide develop a hearing impairment as a result of otitis media.

Again, this number increases if you are younger than five years old or live in a developing country. In these cases, the prevalence of otitis media related hearing loss almost doubles in those aged 1-5 years in South Asia.

Every year, 21,000 people worldwide die from complications related to otitis media or subsequent illnesses

You can avoid serious consequences from otitis media, if the inflammation is treated quickly and correctly. You should therefore see a doctor if you suspect that you or your child may have otitis media.

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