11 December 2008

Most missed sounds

The voice of a loved one is the sound most of us would miss more than any other if we lost our hearing.

RNID, a UK charity for deaf and hard of hearing people, asked people to imagine a world without sound at the Deaf Awareness Week in May, 2008.

People were asked to the sound they would miss the most among ten sounds listed, if they lost their hearing.

The most common response was the voice of a loved one. Music and laughter also ranked high while the sounds of a pet or a car engine were the least frequent responses.

Natalie Imbruglia, the Australian singer, was among several celebrities responding to the survey. She chose laughter.

- My favourite sound is laughter?..belly laughter!! There is nothing like the abandonment of hysterical laughter. It is contagious and healing, and very joyful, she said.

Source: RNID.
Published on hear-it on December 11, 2008.

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