19 October 2009

Most people adapt quickly to hearing aids

Almost 60 percent of hearing impaired people fitted with hearing aids adapted quickly to their devices, according to an online survey conducted by Hear-it AISBL among hearing aid users in 2009. The survey found that hearing aids make a difference.

Twenty-seven percent of the respondents said they needed just a few days to become fully acquainted with their hearing aids. Thirty percent needed a couple of weeks while 26 percent said their transition took months and just 17 percent said they were yet to become fully acquainted with their hearing aids.

- I am pleased that such high numbers of hearing aid users are quickly becoming ?fully acquainted? with their hearing aids. It is an indication that the current hearing aids are extremely accessible and almost instantly make a difference in their daily lives, stated Kim Ruberg, Secretary General, Hear-it AISBL.

Hearing devices make a difference
Eighty-eight percent of the users stated that their hearing aids have made a positive difference in their lives.

- This survey showed that treating a hearing loss makes a difference, and I urge everyone with hearing problems to do something about it, stated Kim Ruberg.

Hearing aids have been associated with stigma and prejudices. One misperception is that they don't work. It has now been documented that they do help, and it is no surprise that 94 percent said they would recommend that others with hearing loss seek treatment with hearing aids.

- Hearing loss is among the most severe disabilities in terms of the effects on the affected individuals' social and personal relationships. Doing something about it is essential for an individual's social relationships, Ruberg concluded.

Five hundred hearing aid users from around the world took part in the survey about how they use and benefit from their hearing aids. Fifty percent of them suffered from severe hearing disabilities. They responded to an online questionnaire posted on www.hear-it.org in English, Spanish, German and French.

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