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My daughter's struggle

Veronica is now 23 1/2 years old, married for two plus years and struggles with her hearing loss every single day.

Veronica was born 6 weeks early, I was injected with steriods to help in maturing her lungs (there was no hope in having a full term pregnancy). I was 24 years old and being beaten daily. I have no idea what caused Veronica's hearing loss, but my guilt is with me daily. So we have this relationship where one sad person is trying to be a comfort to another. There has to be a better way.

During Veronica's early years, we were incredibly close, we spent alot of time together. A huge portion of her childhood was spent with my running away from an unbelievably evil human being (we moved 24 times in 2 years). During all of it, she never really was aware of what was happening to me. Come to find out now that she did indeed comprehend some of it, she dreams of a demon who stands over her bed and menacing her (which is what her father used to do while he was drunk).

I am getting carried away with all of this, I'll get back on point. This is now a young woman who is looking for her place in this mostly difficult world. She has no insurance, no money (I am also like most people just hanging on financially). She can't afford new hearing aids and gets constant ear infections from her molds. At this point she is only wearing one hearing aid because she certainly can't afford two of them, let along the repairs needed to one. She is attending college (my husband and I try to help) to be a counselor for hearing impaired children.

It is imperative that I find some type of assistance for her. I am not a religious person but I pray that someone who understands the pain of this disability...what a horrible word. If anyone out there can guide me on where to advise my daughter to seek help. My mind is racing, so if this is difficult to follow, I hope you can see past my blubbering.

Barbara Parshley


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