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A mystery

I've suffered sudden neurosensorial hearing loss five years ago. One day I got up and realised I couldn't hear with my right ear.

I received the "usual" treatments and was made a lot of tests and studies. My right ear was null, zero... I couldn't hear at all. I accepted the situation and have been living with it normally.

A couple of months ago I realised I was hearing a little, only a little with my right ear. When my daughters talked to me very close to my ear, I could distinguish the words.

I went to the othorhinolaryngologist and had new studies made. My ear had recovered about a 60% of its capacity. The doctor said I could wear a hearing aid and I would hear quite normally.

But the important thing to me is not hearing normally but to find out why my ear has recovered after five years of total deafness. I am sure it is a matter of stress. I suffered from acute muscle contractures in the neck and shoulders and I believe the hearing nerve has been pressed because of this.

I am currently undergoing acupuncture sessions to see if it helps to ease the contracture and so, my ear. I will let you know what the results are.
Sorry for the English... I am actually a native Spanish speaker.

Paola Albé


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