New section on about hearing implants

Comprehensive section on about hearing implants and how to live with hearing implants. The section covers both hearing implants for children and adults and explains the different types of hearing implants.

Hearing implants are advanced hearing solutions that involve surgery. The different types of hearing implants are targeted at different types of hearing loss.

Whether or not you or your child are a candidate for hearing implants depends on the type of hearing loss. But in general, both adults and children with profound to severe hearing loss and/or special types of hearing loss can often benefit from the use of hearing implants.

Types of implants

The most common types of hearing implants are:

  • Cochlear implants (CI)
  • Bone conduction devices
  • Middle ear implants (MEI)
  • Auditory brain stem implants (ABI)

Learn to live with hearing implants

With hearing implants, you or your child will hear better. But hearing implants also help in other aspects of life.

After the hearing implants have been implanted and activated, the period of rehabilitation begins. Rehabilitation is learning to live and hear with your hearing implants.

Speech in noise training

Speech in noise training helps speech perception among people with cochlear implants. The more training, the better speech in noise perception, a study has found.

Singing improves hearing

Another study has found that children with cochlear implants may improve their hearing, especially the perception of speech in noise, if they sing.

You can read more about hearing implants here.

And the studies here:
Speech in noise training helps people with cochlear implants
Singing may improve hearing for children with cochlear implants

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