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December 20, 2006

New Years Eve - take care of your ears

It is a joyful New Years Eve and you and your family are out in the streets enjoying the fireworks. Suddenly, somebody throws a huge ”?banger' close to where you are standing. Perhaps you are wearing eye protection, but that will not protect your ears, and this is no way to make a happy introduction to 2007.

Damage for life

While many people have learned to protect their eyes when using fireworks, only a minority wears ear protection. Yet, even small fireworks can make sufficient noise to damage your hearing for life.

Fireworks have been the cause of immense hearing loss over the years. But you can easily avoid becoming the next fireworks victim by wearing simple earplugs or other hearing protection. You may not be using ear-splitting fireworks, but do you know what types of fireworks others around you will be using?

Most hearing damage appears some time after the event. And although you may not feel any change in your hearing immediately after a huge bang, the damage may have occurred anyway. This could include hearing loss, tinnitus or an acoustic trauma.

Protect your ears and have a happy New Years Eve!

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