07 January 2021

Nine-year-old writes book about her hearing loss

With the book, Demii Wright wants to tell her story and help other children with hearing loss.

Nine-year-old Demii Wright from Madison in Wisconsin in the US has written a book, “Can you HEAR me now?” about her spontaneous hearing loss.

In the book, she talks about her personal battle with hearing loss to help other kids with hearing loss.

Demii began to experience hearing problems in December 2019.

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Help other kids

“I was getting really upset because my hearing was getting worse. I thought by writing this book that it would help other kids who are scared like I once was to get through this. I really just wanted to tell my story and talk about the journey through hearing loss and to tell kids in this world who might be reading it that you aren’t the only one going through this. Hopefully, it will make them feel better”, Demii said to madion365.com.

From an idea to a book

Demii’s mom, Danyelle Wright, said to madison365.com:

“My husband and I, we just had to ground ourselves and take it step by step to figure out what we need to get through this. Along the way, we came up with the idea for Demii to do some journaling and to write her feelings down – she was going through a lot waking up one day being able to hear and then the next day not”.

Profits from “Can you HEAR me now?” will go toward helping young people with hearing loss, according to the family.

Source: www.madicon365.com

Can you hear me now


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