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May 07, 2007

No more stigma in the digital age

As more and more people use ear-based Bluetooth devices to talk hands-free on their cell phone the old stigma of wearing a hearing aid gradually vanishes. It is easier to blend in when other people also wear small devices in their ears.

No more stigma in the digital age

The advent of Bluetooth and the reduced size of modern hearing aids are trends that move us away from the old hearing aid stigma. We see people on the street with Bluetooth devices attached to their ears and youngsters wearing headsets and ear buds, so you no longer stand out from the crowd just because you are wearing hearing aids.

The traditional stigma is one of the main reasons why especially young hard of hearing people refuse to acknowledge their hearing problem or to wear hearing aids. They fear being unfairly labelled as ‘old’ or ‘stupid’ if they are seen wearing hearing aids. But the stigma is about to be eliminated by the new technology. No stigma is associated with ear buds, iPods or Bluetooth headsets. On the contrary, these are trendy signs of someone in the forefront of technological development.

Source: Chicago Tribune, January 21. 2007 “The Digital Age is Looking Good”

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