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March 04, 2013

Noel Gallagher reveals he suffers from tinnitus

The former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has been diagnosed with tinnitus, the hearing condition which causes ringing in the ears.

Noel Gallagher reveals he suffers from tinnitus

After having played guitar for the last 20 years, Noel Gallagher has received a diagnosis for the constant ringing in his ears. The 45-year-old musician went for a brain scan at the hospital, where doctors uncovered tinnitus as being the reason for the recurring buzzing in his ears.

“I went for a brain scan. They did find it. I've got bizarre ringing in my ears. I think it's just through playing guitar for the last 20 years so I had to sit in a tube in the hospital,” Noel Gallagher said in an interview with the British DJ Andy Goldstein.

Rock musicians suffer from tinnitus

A high-level volume combined with heavy bass tones has been part of most musicians' careers. Rock bands in particular are well-known for their habit of reaching volumes that are perilously close to causing severely-reduced hearing and tinnitus.

For instance, Coldplay front man Chris Martin, Queen drummer Roger Taylor and The Who's Pete Townshend have on earlier occasions talked about their sufferings from tinnitus.

Hearing loss can be prevented

Being exposed to loud noises is a natural part of everyday life for many people, be it at work, in traffic or at a café. Preventative measures may therefore be paramount in situations such as rock concerts, where it is common to be exposed to noise levels above the recommended maximum level of 85dB.

A set of earplugs can make a huge difference when exposed to loud music or other noises. They can be bought in most pharmacies and supermarkets, and when employed can reduce noise by 20-30dB.

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