05 January 2006

Noise alarm in classrooms

Noise monitor adding important tool for teachers to combat daily noise in nursery schools and other institutions.

Noise is a daily hazard for teachers and staff in nursery schools and after school institutions. At times, noise levels may approach those from an airliner at take-off. The consequences can be severe.

Almost one person in three working at institutions for children suffers hearing loss or other hearing related injuries such as tinnitus, due to constant noise levels of 80-85 dB and other reasons. Frequently, people retire early as the noise takes its toll.

In the Reichenbach/Fils area of Southern Germany, a small noise monitor has been developed. The device responds to noise levels above 55 dB, indicating the severity of the noise level by flashing red, orange or green smileys, alerting the children when to cut the noise.

Their teachers are not alone in jeopardizing their hearing. The children, too, risk permanent hearing damage at a young age.

Source: www.org-delta.de

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