05 February 2009

Nursery school noise causing tinnitus

New Norwegian campaign against excessive noise in nursery schools.

One child in six in Norwegian nursery schools suffers from ringing in the ears because of excessive noise. The same is true for one in every four employees. The data was compiled by the Norwegian Educational union and the government Labour Board.

Nursery school noise may cause stress, headaches, ringing in the ears, learning difficulties and in the worst cases, hearing loss in both children and employees.

Based on the most recent statistics, the union and the Labour Board have launched a common campaign, titled ”?Good Sound'. The aim is to lower noise levels in Norwegian nursery schools and reduce the adverse effects on children and staff.

According to a Labour Board report issued in 2005, 75 percent of nursery school employees are exposed to excessive noise. Yet, just one nursery school in three had monitored noise levels.

The 'Good Sound' campaign is using noise meters, informational materials and toy animals to create attention to and awareness of nursery school noise and the resulting adverse effects.

Read more about tinnitus in children.

Sources: Dagbladet, www.aftenposten.no.
Published on hear-it on February 5, 2009.

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