22 August 2014

One-in-five in Cyprus show signs of hearing loss

A survey shows that up to 20.6 % of the population of Cyprus exhibit signs of hearing loss.

Based on a nationwide survey consisting of 373 volunteers, hearing tests showed that 20.6 % exhibit signs of hearing loss. 278 of the volunteers were drivers and tests showed that among the drivers, 14.7 % suffered from at least some hearing loss in one or both ears.

The survey was conducted by REACTION Youth for the Prevention. The statistics project predicts that in 2015, 128,000 out 785,000 Cypriots will suffer from at least some hearing loss.

With their campaign, REACTION Youth for the Prevention are focussing attention on the effect of hearing loss on road safety.

Hearing is essential for safe driving

According to the Cypriot transport minister, Tassos Mitsopoloulos, human factor has been shown to be “the most important and complex factor involved in road crashes”.

The ability to hear potential dangers before they can be seen is essential while travelling in traffic. Hearing loss decreases the level of driving safety in different scenarios e.g. if an ambulance is approaching without the driver noticing it.

About the Study

The survey was carried out from November 2013 to January 2014 by the organisation REACTION Youth for the Prevention in collaboration with the Cypriot Police Traffic Department.

Source: http://cyprus-mail.com/

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