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Only one in four has hearing aids

Almost three in four people who need hearing aids do not have one.

Only one in four has hearing aids

Sergei Kochkin, an American hearing expert, has carried out various studies of hearing impaired Americans and their use of hearing aids (the MarkeTrak Surveys).

In his MarkeTrak VIII survey in 2008 Kochkin found that only 28.5 percent of hearing impaired Americans actually use hearing aids.

Since 2004, when the most recent previous survey was conducted, the number of hearing-impaired people increased from 31.5 million to 35 million in 2008.

Why use hearing aids
Sergei Kochkin also found that the main influences for first-time owners to purchase a hearing instrument include:

  • The perception that their hearing loss got worse (55.4 percent)
  • Family members (51 percent)
  • Audiologists (26.4 percent)
  • Ear specialists (18.2 percent)
  • Hearing aid specialists (8.5 percent)
  • Recommendation from other hearing aid owners (7.4 per cent)

About MarkeTrak

The MarkeTrak VIII survey included 80,000 members of the National Family Opinion (NFO) panel. Of these, 14,623 hearing-impaired individuals were identified. An extensive survey was sent to 3,789 randomly selected hearing instrument owners and 5,500 randomly selected people with hearing loss who have not yet been treated with hearing instruments.

Source: Hearing Review, October 2009

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