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Opted for the aids

I have had otosclrosis in my right ear since I was 25, gradually getting worse every year.

At about age 35, my right ear was useless and I relied on my left. At age 46 I noticed my left ear started to have the same symptoms. At age 49, I knew I was in trouble as I could not hear people talking to me at normal levels. Afraid of the operation to cure this, on both ears, I opted for a pair of Siemens Ceilo 2 Power CIC (completely in the canal) hearing aids. I could not be happier.

My right ear which I was told was a dead ear years ago can hear now. My left ear can hear now. I now have direction of sounds which I lost 20 years ago. I can hear a clock tick. I am elated. My aids have 3 programs for different environments. I suggest anyone FIRST try the aids before the op.


Great to here are the aid used by you cost more do u feel uncomfartable using them?Can people recognise that u r using heraing aid ?do they treat u normal?

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