Other diseases and conditions

Some diseases and conditions can affect your hearing and cause hearing loss and tinnitus.

An acoustic tumor, also known as acoustic neuroma or vestibular schwannoma, can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.

Atresia and Microtia, which are both malformations of the outer ear, typically cause a conductive hearing loss.

An acoustic trauma, typically caused by a sudden and powerful sound like an explosion, can lead to a temporary hearing loss or a permanent hearing loss.

In small children and babies, fluid can accumulate behind the eardrum. This may cause deafness and reduced hearing. This is called glue ear.

A hidden hearing loss is a type of hearing loss that cannot be measured by the most common hearing tests. A hidden hearing loss doesn’t normally affect a person’s ability to hear quiet sounds, but it makes it harder to hear sounds when there is competing background noise.

Sensitive to sounds

The conditions misophonia, phonophobia, hyperacusis and loudness discomfort often make people sensitive to sounds or certain sounds.

Other diseases and conditions that can cause hearing loss and hearing problems are:

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