07 May 2010

Parents do not know enough about middle ear inflammation

Over 90% of parents have inadequate or no knowledge whatsoever of middle ear inflammation (otitis media), and that can put their children at risk.

A study of 548 parents shows, that over 90% of parents have inadequate or no knowledge of middle ear inflammation (otitis media).

Even though 75% of parents are aware that middle ear inflammation can lead to hearing impairment and even hearing loss, only half were aware that it can also affect a child's speaking and learning abilities.

More than 80% of the parents did not know that nasal allergies, swollen tonsils and pneumonia can lead to middle ear inflammation. Around half were also unaware that ear scratching, bad moods and swollen eardrums are symptoms of middle ear inflammation. Around 70% of the parents believed that a fever is the most common symptom of a middle ear inflammation. However, fever occurs in only 10% of cases.

It is thought that around half of all children under the age of 3 suffer from middle ear inflammation. According to paediatrician Chiu Winger, temporary hearing impairment is a symptom of middle ear inflammation, but hearing impairment can become chronic if the inflammation is not treated in time.

Source: www.thestandard.co.uk


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