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September 15, 2010

Parents worried about their children's hearing

An American study places hearing loss as the top medical concern among parents.

Parents worried about their children's hearing

Hearing loss is at the top of the list of heath concerns, which parents have when it comes to their children. Those are the findings of a study carried out by the American Academy of Otalaryngology.

More than 90% of parents are very worried that their children could develop hearing loss and 80% are worried about hearing loss as a result of their children using ear buds.

Further down the list we find asthma, food allergies and second-hand smoke.

The researchers behind the study point to music being played at too high a volume as the main cause of noise-induced hearing loss in children and youths. They recommend that parents encourage their children to take a break from listening to music and turn the sound down in the music players.


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