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Patulous Eustachain Tube

If a patient is suffering from Patulous Eustachain Tube (PET), the Eustachian tube remains open most of the time.

Patulous Eustachain Tube

The tube extends from the middle ear to the roof of the throat. It is supposed to remain closed most of the time. When working normally, it only opens occasionally in order to allow the air pressure in the middle ear to equalise the ambient air pressure.

Symptoms of Patulous Eustachain Tube

People suffering from Patulous Eustachain Tube (PET) experience chronic ear infections. Patulous Eustachain Tube (PET) also results in 'ear fullness', mild hearing disturbance and sometimes vertigo.

Often the patient will feel that his/her voice is too loud or has an echo - this symptom is called autophony.

Sometimes Patulous Eustachain Tube (PET) is also connected with severe tinnitus.

Patulous Eustachain Tube (PET) is more common in females than males.

The symptoms worsen when doing sports, experiencing weight loss and during pregnancy.

Treatment of Patulous Eustachain Tube

The most effective treatment of Patulous Eustachain Tube (PET) is an operation.


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