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March 28, 2018

People who are fitted with two hearing aids report higher satisfaction

A large Swedish study shows that people who are fitted with two hearing aids report higher satisfaction. The study also shows that experienced hearing aid users also reported higher satisfaction.

People who are fitted with two hearing aids report higher satisfaction

People who received bilateral fittings reported significantly higher scores to all questions in a questionnaire about their hearing aids compared with those with unilateral fittings, a Swedish study shows

The survey also showed that experienced hearing aid users produced higher scores on questions on benefit and satisfaction, while first-time users gave higher scores for residual problems.

Data from large database

The purpose of the study was to analyze a large database of completed “International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids” (IOI-HA) questionnaires obtained from over 100,000 people who were fitted with new hearing aids in Sweden during the period of 2012–2016.

Questionnaires containing the 7 IOI-HA items as well as questions concerning some additional issues were mailed to hearing aid users 3–6 months after the fitting of new hearing aids. The questionnaires were returned to and analyzed by an independent research institute.

The study “International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids: Data from a Large Swedish Quality Register Database” was published in American Journal of audiology in October 2017.

Source: American Journal of Audiology


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