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May 24, 2007

People with hearing and speech impairment call in rescuers via text messages in Denmark

When the house is on fire or an ambulance is needed you can reach the rescue centre via text messages.

The text messages service, now available in Denmark, offers a new channel of communication for people who are unable to communicate orally by phone.

Text messages offer people with speech and hearing impairment another option when in need of reaching a rescue service. Instead of looking for someone who can speak on the phone, hearing and speech impaired people can now request help for accident victims on their own.

To prevent abuse of the text messages service, the number to dial is kept secret from the general population. Details are mailed only to the members of the two largest Danish associations for people with speech and hearing impairment. Non-members can request the details from the two associations.

Source: Ritzau, 17 January, 2007: ”Døve får SMS-nummer til alarm”

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