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July 03, 2017

Poor hearing affects quality of life

Living with an untreated hearing loss may reduce quality of life. But hearing aids can help increase quality of life.

Living with an untreated hearing loss can reduce quality of life. The quality of life of a partner/caregiver may also be affected. Surveys and studies on the other hand show that the use of hearing aids increases the quality of life for those who live with a hearing loss.

Negative impacts of hearing loss

If you live with an untreated hearing loss, you may suffer from a series of negative consequences which can reduce your quality of life. An untreated hearing loss may result in mental (psychological) and social problems which affect quality of life, but especially relations with other people is affected.

Partner also affected

Partners and caregivers are also affected by an age-related hearing loss, a French study has found. The quality of life among couples, where one has an age-related hearing loss, is generally lower than among couples who are not affected by age-related hearing loss. The quality of life is not just lower for the person with the age-related hearing loss but also the quality of life of the partner is affected. This is documented in a French study.

Hearing aids improve quality of life

The vast majority of hearing aid users declare that their hearing aids improve their quality of life. Surveys from Europe, the US and Japan document that hearing aids increase quality of life.  Nearly 90% of those who use hearing aids say that their hearing aids have increased their quality of life. 
Surveys show that especially communication effectiveness, social life, participating in group activities and relations at home improved with the use of hearing aids.

Digital hearing aids

Modern hearing aids are small high-tech computers. Today there are different types of hearing aids with a wide range of functions and features to address individual hearing needs. Hearing aids should always compensate for each person’s personal hearing loss and must therefore always be individually adjusted.

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