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Preventing hearing loss

We live in a society in which noise is a natural part of everyday life, and with our ears being such delicate organs, we must take care of them.

Preventing hearing loss

Daily exposure to noise is directly related to the risk of hearing damage. Many countries recommend a daily exposure to noise of less than 85 dB. However, in many situations, we are exposed to a level of noise which exceeds this.

We are exposed to loud noises daily. For example, when we are in traffic, the gym, the cinema, stadiums, cafés and at work. If the noise level is too high, it is a good idea to use ear plugs. Weighing just a few grams, these earplugs can ensure that your hearing ability remains intact - even in ten years time. Most earplugs reduce noise by 20 to 30 dB.

We are even exposed to noise in our own homes, but a few precautions and changes can make all the difference. Carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains and other soft materials can absorb the worst of the noise.

Further information

In this section we have collected a range of articles about noise and other things to be aware of in the prevention of hearing loss, both for yourself and for your child.

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