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February 20, 2007

Progestin tied to age related hearing loss

Hormone Replacement Therapy with progestin increases the risk of hearing loss in older women. The hormone supplement may result in 10-30 percent lower hearing.

Hormone Replacement Therapy with supplements containing progestin may contribute to hearing loss, according to a study carried out among 124 women aged 60 to 86 years.

HRT with progestin appears to speed up the natural gradual loss of hearing experienced by most women as they age. On average, women treated with progestin were found to have a hearing corresponding to other women 5 to 10 years older.

"Whether a woman goes on HRT is certainly her decision, and she should discuss the options with her doctor. In light of these findings, we feel that hearing loss should be added to the list of negative things to keep in mind when talking about HRT. Women especially, who already have a hearing problem, should weigh this decision carefully. Women on HRT should consider having a thorough hearing check-up done every six months” said senior author Robert D. Frisina, Ph.D., International Center for Hearing and Speech Research, in a press release.

Examinations of the women uncovered problems in the inner ear as well as in the portions of the brain used for hearing.

Source:, 04.09.2006 and, 09.09.2006

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