Protect your child's hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss is cumulative; it happens gradually over time, but when the damage is done, it is irreversible. That is why it is important to start protecting your child's hearing at an early age.

Noisy toys are also something you as a parent must be aware of. Some types of battery-driven toy guns can create noise levels between 110 and 135 dB. Continuous exposure to noise levels above just 85 dB over a period of time can cause hearing damage.

Even when you are pregnant, there are things you should be aware of so as to minimize the risk of non-genetic hearing loss. An unborn child's hearing is vulnerable to a number of factors, making hearing loss the most common birth defect.

Further information

In this section we have collected a range of articles about children, hearing loss and the precautions you can take as a parent to protect your child's hearing.

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