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January 06, 2009

Protecting your children's hearing

More and more kids around the world suffer from hearing problems. Noise is a major reason. As a parent you should take notice and make sure that your children do not become part of the hearing loss statistics.

Most parents know about the large selection of noisy toys offered up for our kids. Among the toys are battery powered cars, dolls, instruments and plastic weapons. Many of these often irresponsibly designed devices constitute a direct threat to the hearing of the innocent children playing with them.

Classrooms from nursery schools and up are also potential noise traps for the kids, with loud screaming and commotion during play and breaks. As a result, children spend much time in excessively noisy environments.

This exposure to excessive noise poses a challenge to parents who must protect their children's hearing. Good hearing is essential for children to communicate with their peers and develop social skills. As a parent you can help protect your children's hearing by keeping down the noise from sound systems and other electronic appliances at home.

Look out for signs of hearing impairment in your children. If you notice such signs, there can be many reasons. Most often, a visit with your family doctor or a hearing specialist may clear up the problem. Never hesitate to go to the doctor if you see any hint of a problem. When it comes to your children's hearing it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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