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Anxiety and alcoholism

I was born with a severe hearing disablility. As a child I'd get report cards always saying "doesn't pay attention or participate in class."

Yet I'd get good test scores, boy was I a reader. Yet everyone assumed I was just stupid. I knew that, even as a young child.

I made it through college by reading lips and studying hard through the written word, thank god for other people's lecture notes. Once out in the real world though I started getting very depressed and anxious. I would often use alcohol as an escape.

They finally made hearing aids to fit my particular type of loss when I was 30 years old. I joined AA and joined the community finally. Next thing you know I was popular, interesting, intelligent, getting awards for my volunteer projects in the community etc.

I still struggle as my hearing is still considerably below normal, I still need to be face to face with a person and at times people think I'm just ignoring them or once again stupid. It's a very stressful disability, like constantly squinting and trying to drive without good vision.


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