Hear-it websites


The youth site has been established to increase young people's awareness of hearing impairment.

The site is loaded with information dedicated to young people about hearing and hearing loss.


As part of the hear-it web site, we have set up a press room with information dedicated to journalists. The press room has been established in order to increase especially European media awareness of hearing impairment.

Where the general hear-it web site contains information about almost any issue of hearing impairment, we have at the press site collected some of the most relevant facts from the hear-it site and added other information and aid to assist journalists who take an interest in the subject.


As a part of the Hear-it-site, we have established a special section containing information dedicated to family doctors (GPs, family physicians, ENT doctors etc.). At the medical site we have gathered facts, figures, advice and other relevant information to assist family doctors in the counseling of their hearing impaired patients.


The political site has been established with the aim of supplying facts, figures and other relevant information of particular interest to politicians and civil servants. This information has been specifically collected for those politicians and civil servants who either work with or take an interest in health issues and public welfare.