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My Hearing Loss and Tinnitus


Three years ago (I am now 53) I had a sudden total hearing loss in one ear and subsequent Tinnitus at the same time and it has continued to this day.

The medical profession termed my symptoms as Neural Sensory Deafness and with balance issues etc etc my life was about to change.

To be quite frank, once the medicos had determined that there were no apparent medical explanations for my situation I was by and large left on my own to seek a positive outcome and a management plan to live with a severe hearing impairment and the Tinnitus.

Being a rather positive person I decided that my situation wouldn't phase me and in due course contacted various Hearing/Tinnitus organisations here in Adelaide South Australia.

In the early days I must say it was quite difficult emotionally but as time progressed, I managed to develop my own positive solution that was simply based around how I viewed my situation.

I referred to my situation as an "Experience" rather than an ailment or an illness and when I listened to the "sounds" rather than noises I was hearing I referred to them as songs or tunes and called them the sounds of Tinnitus FM as in a radio station.

This allowed my body to adapt and accept my experience in a positve light and hence I would of course hear the sounds less.

As I had severe balance issues I had to stop work as being a stonemason in the construction industry meant that working at heights might be difficult so I decided that my situation would be the perfect opportunity to do something else with my life so I started a software company that is still active to this day and after 9 months off work returned to my original day job.

As well and given my deafness in one ear allowed me to hear my voice I have also been playing the guitar and singing for the last 2 years....and I can assure you that this would not have been possible if my life changing experience hadn't occured.

With all that, I decided that if I can live a good life with what I have it would be cool if I could talk about my story to others and hence I attend various Info Sessions for Tinnitus SA here in Adelaide and pass on my tips about the strategies I have developed and used and am sure they have been of some benefit to others who have the same or similar issues.

As well, with the help of the head Audiologist at Tinnitus SA we developed a fridge magnet that helps Tinnitus sufferers by reminding them of a number of positive ways to help them deal with their situation and these have proved to be very popular....the magnets that is as well as the Tips.

Ok that's basically it and in closing I would just like to say that for me, whilst the journey with my Tinnitus and Hearing Loss has had its moments my life is in fact far more enriching and enjoyable as I saw it as an opportunity for change even tho it appeared to be thrust upon me.

Cheers and all the best.
Ron Boulden

Henry Musisi
You 'experience' almost exactly mirrors mine, sudden unexplained hearing loss in one ear with tinnitus. Mine occurred end of November last year two weeks after my 45th birthday. It really was a frightful experience but I do believe I have coped quite well emotionally in this short time.

Reading your post has been very uplifting and I look forward to hearing more from you.

Henry (hmusisi@yahoo.com)

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