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04 de março de 2010

Tokio Hotel twins hard of hearing since birth

Tokio Hotel, the popular German band, has ridden a wave of success since its first album, Schrei, was recorded in 2005. The band's third album, Humanoid, was issued in October, 2009. The success of the band has come at a high price, however. The lead singer, Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother, Tom, have been losing their hearing.

Tokio Hotel twins hard of hearing since birth

In an interview with the German newspaper Bild Zeitung in November 2009, the famous twins revealed that they have been hard of hearing since birth, but that their condition has gotten worse. Tom Kaulitz was quick to point out that the fans carry no responsibility in the matter.
The twins said that the loud music and not the fans is at fault for their increased hearing deficit. Their hearing loss is the reason they always speak loudly when giving press interviews.

“This is the best there is, by the way. It's fabulous when our fans scream with emotion”, Bill said.

The Kaulitz twins formed the band, Devilish, in 2001 in Germany together with Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer . In 2005 they signed their first recording contract and changed the name of their band to Tokio Hotel. Their first single, "Durch den Monsun" went to the top of the German charts. Their second album, "Zimmer 483", was recorded in 2007.

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