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July 01, 2019

An untreated hearing loss results in increased healthcare costs

Healthcare costs increase with an untreated hearing loss. A greater risk of other diseases and conditions such as dementia and depression as well as injuries and falls are some of the major reasons. Read more

April 02, 2019

Report: 22.6 million people in the EU live with an untreated, disabling hearing loss

A report finds that there are 34.4 million people with a disabling hearing loss (35 dB or greater) in the EU. More than 22.6 million are not treated for their disabling hearing loss as only around one in three in Europe with a disabling hearing loss use hearing aids or other hearing solutions. Read more

January 02, 2019

Relationship between hearing loss and other health conditions and diseases

Many diseases and health conditions can lead to a hearing loss. A hearing loss may also result in other health conditions. Read more

October 02, 2018

Many people say that they have a hearing loss

More than one in ten adults say they have a hearing loss, according to a series of surveys in Europe and the US. The surveys also show that many more with hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids. Read more

July 02, 2018

Close relationship between untreated hearing loss and dementia

Several scientific studies have found that there is a close relationship between untreated hearing loss and the risk of developing dementia. Read more

April 06, 2018

Some children live with a hearing loss

Luckily, hearing loss is not as common among children as among adults. It must however be noted that around 1-3% of all children have a hearing loss to a lesser or greater extent. Some are born with a hearing loss while others get it after birth. In some developing countries, the number of children with hearing loss is sadly significantly higher because of a lack of treatment for ear infections. Read more

January 02, 2018

When a relative has a hearing loss

If you are a relative of a person who may have an untreated hearing loss and the person is not aware that they are hard of hearing, you can help. Read more

October 02, 2017

Are you exposed to loud noise?

If you are often exposed to loud noise, you are at risk of a hearing loss. Read more

July 03, 2017

Poor hearing affects quality of life

Living with an untreated hearing loss may reduce quality of life. But hearing aids can help increase quality of life. Read more

April 03, 2017

Tinnitus related to hearing loss

While most people experience tinnitus temporarily, some suffer so much from severe tinnitus that it has a significant, negative effect on their daily quality of life. Recent medical research has shown that tinnitus is related to some kind of hearing loss and that treatment of hearing loss can reduce the experience of tinnitus. Read more

January 02, 2017

Common among seniors and the elderly: Age-related hearing loss

Many senior older adults have a hearing loss. In most cases, they have an age-related hearing loss. But many are not aware that they have a hearing problem, because an age-related hearing loss develops slowly and gradually. Read more

October 03, 2016

Work, lifestyle and leisure activities may affect your hearing

Your work, your lifestyle and your leisure activities can result in a hearing loss. Some professions increase your risk of hearing loss by five times. Even an unborn child can have increased risk of hearing loss due to work noise. Read more

July 01, 2016

Improve your overall health and well being with hearing aids

The use of hearing aids has many positive effects on your everyday life and overall health. Scientific studies have found that hearing aids reduce cognitive decline. Hearing aid users enjoy better overall health and increased quality of life than non-hearing aids users with hearing problems. Hearing aids have also proven successful in alleviating negative consequences of untreated hearing loss such as severe fatigue and vigour problems. Read more

April 01, 2016

Many Americans have hearing problems

One in ten Americans has difficulty hearing, a study has found. Among Hispanic Americans, even more have hearing problems. 5% of all Americans say that they suffer from tinnitus. Furthermore, a large number of American teenagers show signs of hearing loss. Many Americans who use hearing aids have received some financial help to cover the cost of their hearing aids. Read more

January 04, 2016

Using hearing aids has many benefits

The use of hearing aids has many benefits. An extensive study has found that the use of hearing aids reduces cognitive decline. The users of hearing aids however also experience increased quality of life and find their hearing aids useful in the workplace. Luckily, more and more hearing impaired people are using hearing aids. When it comes to cochlear implants, a study has found that two cochlear implants facilitate a child’s language development better than one cochlear implant.
Read more

October 01, 2015

Children, teenagers and hearing loss

Children with hearing loss may face challenges in school and when leaving school, surveys in the UK find. However, early treatment of hearing loss helps children’s development, findings from Australia show. At the same time the World Health Organization, WHO, says that more and more teenagers may damage their hearing and risk getting a hearing loss at an early age due to loud music exposure that can be harmful to their hearing. Read more

July 01, 2015

Work and workplaces can result in a hearing loss

Use of headphones and exposure to chemicals can result in a hearing loss. Many teachers also have a hearing loss, a study shows. Auditory injuries are the number one war wound among American veterans and in the U.S. more than one in four employees suspect that they have hearing loss, according to a study. Read more

March 31, 2015

Hearing loss is a growing global issue

Recent studies from all over the world demonstrate that hearing loss is a growing problem. Read more

January 05, 2015

Lifestyle can affect hearing positively and negatively

Some lifestyles and habits can affect hearing in a positive way, while others can be harmful to hearing and lead to hearing loss. Read more

October 01, 2014

Hand driers, French horns and fireworks can cause hearing loss

Loud music and noisy workplaces are well known causes of noise induced hearing loss. But noise induced hearing loss can also derive from more unusual sources such as hand driers, fireworks and musical instruments such as French horns. Read more

July 02, 2014

Multiple consequences of hearing loss

Hearing loss affects life in many ways. If untreated, hearing loss may have negative effects on the physical and mental health of a hearing impaired person, for example exhaustion, tense muscles, headaches, feelings of loneliness, distress or sadness. Read more

April 01, 2014

More young people with hearing problems

More and more young people are experiencing hearing problems. Studies have shown an increasing number of young people with hearing loss and tinnitus. The reason for this can likely be found in the fact that young people often listen to loud music on their smartphones. Being overweight can also affect hearing, a study shows. Read more

January 08, 2014

Ageing, noise and diseases are not the only causes of hearing loss

One of the major causes of hearing loss is ageing. Another common reason for hearing loss is exposure to noise. Some diseases may result in a hearing loss. But other less known factors can also influence your hearing. Read more

October 02, 2013

The benefits of hearing aids

There are many advantages to using hearing aids, studies in seven countries now show. Read more

July 01, 2013

Genetic research into hearing loss progressing

Scientists are continually acquiring greater knowledge regarding the genetics that influence our hearing. Read more

April 02, 2013

Children and hearing loss

Some children are born with a hearing loss; others develop a hearing loss because of diseases or injuries. Read more

January 02, 2013

Noise surrounds us and damages our hearing

In nearly all areas of modern life, we are surrounded by noise. We are exposed to noise at work, noise in the street from traffic and when we listen to music or go to night clubs or concerts where the volume is too loud. Read more

October 01, 2012

We all lose our hearing - sooner or later

Age-related hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process. As we get on in years, our hearing drops off. The treatment for age-related hearing loss is hearing aids. However, researchers believe that music and our eating habits can delay or reduce age-related hearing loss. Read more

July 02, 2012

New information about tinnitus

Tinnitus-researchers have in the last year made a range of interesting discoveries about tinnitus. Read more

March 30, 2012

Rock music and no protection leads to damaged hearing

A high volume is part of the game when you are a rock musician. It is part of the concert experience to feel the bass in the floor and in your body. But these volumes can also be hard on your hearing and have been a part of the music as long as rock has existed. Read more

January 03, 2012

No reason to hide or be ashamed of your hearing loss

Hearing loss is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. Read more

October 03, 2011

The brain plays an important role in our hearing

The brain translates impulses from the ear into sounds that we know and understand. But the brain also discriminates relevant sounds from background noise and turns up the volume of our own speech. Finally, researchers have found that our brain may also play an important role when it comes to tinnitus. Read more

July 05, 2011

Many Europeans think they have a hearing loss

The largest European study ever carried out concerning hearing and hearing loss, which involved 45,000 participants, shows that one in eight believes that they have a hearing loss. Read more

April 01, 2011

Better diet, better hearing

As yet, nobody has found a cure for hearing loss, to the extent that we can prevent or restore our hearing. Our hearing may deteriorate as we get older, and some people lose their hearing due to noise, but in the last few years researchers have discovered that certain types of nutrition may delay or reduce hearing loss. Read more

January 03, 2011

Hearing impaired children have to deal with extra challenges in school

Untreated hearing loss may affect a child's ability to learn and could influence their grades. Read more

October 01, 2010

If you use certain types of medication, you maybe putting your hearing at risk

Certain types of painkillers, some forms of chemotherapy and drugs to improve your sexual performance may cause hearing loss. Read more

July 02, 2010

Untreated hearing loss may cause social and psychological problems

It is commonly known that untreated hearing loss may have negative social and psychological effects on a hearing impaired person. Read more

April 06, 2010

Leisure time noise

Having a great time can be unsettling for your ears. Read more

January 15, 2010

Tinnitus: Scientific insights

Medicines and additives can exsacerbate tinnitus, according to scientists with an understanding of the biology of the condition. Read more

October 06, 2009

Protect hearing of the unborn

Mothers-to-be can limit the risk of hearing loss in their unborn babies. When damage does occur, newborn hearing screening can ensure early intervention and support. Read more

July 01, 2009

Gene research advancing

Gene researchers are making progress with a steady stream of new discoveries which may some day benefit people with hearing loss. Read more

April 01, 2009

Dangerous ear pods

Even your favorite music damages your hearing and gives you tinnitus if you turn up the volume. Read more

January 06, 2009

Protecting your children's hearing

More and more kids around the world suffer from hearing problems. Noise is a major reason. As a parent you should take notice and make sure that your children do not become part of the hearing loss statistics. Read more

November 06, 2008

On the Job with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss presents problems in all areas of daily living and not least in the workplace. Social interaction with co-workers as well as self-esteem may be adversely affected. Read more