14 September 2011

Queen drummer Roger Taylor reliant on hearing aids

A long life as a musician in the rock band Queen has left its mark on drummer Roger Taylor's hearing, but the rocker is still active.

Years of playing loud music has made the Queen drummer Roger Taylor hard of hearing and reliant on hearing aids. "I guess it was inevitable and hardly surprising given what I have been doing for the past 40 years,” the Queen star says.

My standard reply

There is a running joke in Taylor's house, that no matter which question you ask the Queen drummer, the response is always the same. “Half-past seven is my standard reply,” Taylor says with a smile. “It doesn't matter whether they've asked me what I want to drink, watch on TV or where I want to go on holiday.”

Behind this private joke lies the uncomfortable truth that one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock music has suffered dramatic hearing loss.

Wife discovered

“My wife was the one who kept pointing out that the TV volume was up too loud, though I could only just hear it. Then I kept missing out on dialogue in films and at dinner parties and social gatherings I couldn't understand what people were saying. It felt strange and frustrating to a point where I was starting to lip-read. I realised my hearing wasn't what it should be,” the queen drummer explains.

Hearing aids help

Taylor is now wearing hearing aids in both ears. Luckily, the hearing loss has not affected Taylor’s vocal range, but his hearing aids are a great help. “I can still pitch perfectly but without the hearing aids I don’t hear the intricate high parts of the actual spectrum. It goes all ‘wooferly’.”

Good company

The Queen drummer Roger Taylor is not the only rock musician struggling with serious hearing loss e.g. The Who's Pete Townshend is also suffering from hearing loss, so the Queen star feels he is in "good company".

Sources: www.express.co.uk & www.contactmusic.com

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