31 March 2014

Reduced hearing, reduced work rate

A larger study, carried out among employed Danes with hearing loss, shows that hearing loss in the workplace can lead to a greater physical and psychological burden when hearing aids are not used.

800,000 Danes are considered to have reduced hearing to a greater or lesser extent. A large portion of this group are at the same time also active in the job market.

In a study carried out by analysis institute Anovum for the European hearing instrument organisation EHIMA among 1,300 Danes with reduced hearing, it can be seen that it is only a small proportion of those in work who use hearing aids.

The study shows that it is a little over half of the workers with hearing loss who do not use hearing aids. The study also states that it is precisely this group who have a harder time in the workplace compared to those with hearing aids.

Physically and mental exhausted

The study therefore shows that people who have chosen not to use hearing aids display a greater level of physical and mental exhaustion by the end of their work day compared to those who use hearing aids.

54 % of the hearing impaired Danes who have chosen not to use hearing aids experience physical exhaustion at the end of a day's work, while 34% to some degree or to a higher degree are physically burdened by the restrictions presented by poor hearing.

The study for Anovum also shows that 32% of those who do not use hearing aids, choose not to do so because they feel that it is embarrassing to be seen hearing them.

Expensive for society

According to the 2006 report from Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Velfærd (SFI) in Denmark, there are significant social costs connected with reduced hearing in the work force.

It was estimated at that time that it costs as much as 2.7 billion Danish Kroner in lost productivity in the Danish work market when employees' work rate is affected and reduced by poor hearing.

Source: www.berlingske.dk

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