Does my health insurance cover hearing aids?

Your health insurance policy may help you when you need hearing aids.

When you take out health insurance, remember to ask for a policy which also covers hearing loss. If you need hearing aids, remember to check your policy, as it may partially or fully cover any expenses in relation to hearing aids.

Does insurance pay for hearing aids?

This depends on where you live and on your health insurance. In some countries, hearing aids are partially or fully covered by a form of public health care. In other countries, health insurance societies partially or fully cover the cost of hearing aids.

However, the cost of hearing aids is not covered by public health care programmes in most countries and in many countries there is no system of health insurance societies at all.

Finally, not everybody is a member of a health insurance society.

Many people take out health insurance which covers illness and treatment. When you take out health insurance, it is important to ensure that the policy also covers hearing loss.

Do you need hearing aids?

If you need hearing aids, remember to read your health insurance policy. It may well cover the cost of your hearing aids partially or even fully.

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