22 July 2013

Satisfied hearing aid users

Up to 84% of hearing aid owners are satisfied with their hearing aids, a survey shows.

Figures from seven countries show that the percentage of people who are satisfied with their hearing aids varies from country to country. In six European countries, the satisfaction rate varies from 84% in Switzerland to 70% in Italy. In general, eight out of ten are satisfied with their hearing aids and said they were either very satisfied, satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their hearing aids.

The same study was carried out in Japan. The situation there was different. Only 36% said that they were satisfied.

A similar survey from the US in 2008 (MarkTrak VIII) showed that 74% of US-owners were satisfied with their hearing aids.

Age and use of hearing aids

The survey also found that the newer the hearing aids and the more hours of the day the hearing aids were used, the higher the satisfaction rate.

The surveys were carried out in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Japan in 2012.

The figures were published in an article about the EuroTrak and the JapanTrak surveys in The Hearing Review March 2013.

Source: www.thehearingreview.com

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