02 February 2016

Seniors in denial about their hearing loss

Many seniors are not proactive about treating their hearing loss and often overestimate how others will react if they wear hearing aids, a survey shows. This is in spite of numerous studies from all over the world which have shown that hearing aids improve both hearing and quality of life.

A majority of senior citizens who suffer from hearing loss choose to ignore treatment with hearing aids and are in denial about the negative effects of hearing loss, an American survey shows. They also over exaggerate how others will react if they wear hearing aids while at the same time underestimating others’ perception of untreated hearing loss. 

According to the survey, more than half of the seniors asked admitted to having some degree of hearing loss, yet only one in six chose to wear hearing aids.

No hearing tests

The survey also found that 14% of the respondents have only had one or two hearing tests in their entire lifetime, while 16% have never had their hearing tested.

Unfounded fear

In general, an unfounded fear that others will perceive them as old, feeble and “kind of dorky” prevents seniors from seeking treatment with hearing aids, according to the survey. That belief stands in stark contrast to the fact that most seniors report that they do not judge others for wearing a hearing aid.

Many respondents were furthermore in denial over the social repercussions of not wearing hearing aids. According to the survey, one in four say they do not want to interact with someone who has trouble hearing and continuously ask them to repeat themselves. However, only 15% of respondents believe others react the same way when THEY are the ones asking others to repeat themselves. 

Hearing aids improve quality of life

The respondents’ perceptions stood in stark contrast to the numerous studies which show that hearing aids at the same time improve both hearing and quality of life, just as the studies show that others do not react negatively when one begins to use hearing aids.

About the survey

The survey was conducted by Sivantos Inc among 321 attendees at the 2015 [email protected]+ national Event & Expo in the US

Source: www.businesswire.com 

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