30 March 2011

Hearing aids - Seven battery tips

Here's how to make your batteries last longer.

Hearing aids will not work without batteries. In its magazine, Auris, the Swedish hearing association HRF gives some tips as to how get the most out of your batteries.

  • Leave the batteries in their packaging until you need to use them
  • Store them at room temperature, not in the refrigerator
  • Only remove the coloured strip when you need to use them. This will protect the battery from oxidisation.
  • Do not put the coloured strip back on, as this can damage the battery.
  • If you do not use your hearing aid at night, turn it off and open the battery compartment. This reduces the risk of condensation and preserves the battery's power.
  • Do not store batteries in your pocket.
  • Do not let batteries come into contact with metal objects.

Zinc-air batteries should also be given a little time to “charge up” before they can be used. These batteries need air to work and it takes about a minute before the air has reacted to the zinc in the battery

Do not throw batteries away once they have been used. They pollute the environment. Instead, hand them in somewhere where they will be sent to be recycled.

Source: Auris nr. 6, 2010, HRF

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